PHOTOS Miley Cyrus bares all and goes full frontal for Candy Magazine shoot

Miley Cyrus Candy Magazine

It’s safe to say that after her most recent magazine shoot, Miley Cyrus has definitely shed her squeaky clean Hannah Montana image.

While Miley’s no stranger to controversial attire, her spread for Candy magazine is more than risqué. Some might even argue it’s pornographic.

During the shoot, Miley worked with famed photographer Terry Richardson, who, back in 2014, faced allegations of sexual misconduct with young models. Nevertheless, his work is known for being sexually explicit. Clearly.

Miley Cyrus Full Frontal

In case you’re wondering, Candy is a magazine that features “transvestism, transexuality, crossdressing[,] and androgyny in all their glory.” For the second issue, back in 2010, James Franco graced the cover dressed in full on drag.

James Franco Candy

Miley’s feature, however, is a bit more indecent and includes pictures of her in a white onesie that leaves nothing to the imagination; a pose in which she uses a sex toy in a rather compromising position; and other semi- and fully nude pics.

Miley Cyrus Candy Pic

We can’t show you the uncensored pictures here, but you can head over to D-Listed to check out the full spread.

This isn’t the first time the 22-year-old has bared all, but it sure is the first time she’s been this blatant and X-rated!

The article is getting a lot of attention for the photos, but little has been mentioned regarding the content of the article–except that the article itself claims “Miley Cyrus has a lot to say and a lot to show.”