PHOTOS Meet new Human Barbie Alina Kovalevskaya, plus see her without the doll makeup

Alina Kovalevskaya New Human Barbie

Mattel hasn’t come out with an updated model, but there is a new Barbie on the scene: Meet 21-year-old Human Barbie Alina Kovalevskaya.

“I look like a doll. Big eyes, little nose, small plump lips. I love long hair. My hair is a meter long,” she told Barcroft Media, adding she hasn’t had plastic surgery and only enhances her doll-like look with contact lenses. “When I put them on, my friends told me ‘Oh my God, you look like a doll, you really do!”

She adopted the look about a year and a half ago after seeing pictures of ball-jointed dolls. She’s since received mixed responses from others, but feels happy with her style.

Interestingly, Alina comes from the same city in Ukraine the original Human Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova. (Apparently there are “a number of other” living Barbies in the area… Who knew what was such a thing?) Despite her commonalities with Valeria, Alina says they are fundamentally different.

“I have had certain misunderstandings with her after which we ceased to communicate,” Alina said. “I realized she is not a person with whom I would like to talk to or even be friends.”

Unlike Valeria, Alina also admits to subsisting on real food and voluntarily smiles.

Alina Kovalevskaya - Food and Smiling

She also seems to go without the full doll makeup on regular occasions — although she still sports a heavily made-up look. (Credit to competitor Valeria for posting pictures with minimal makeup.)

Alina Kovalevskaya Without Doll Makeup

The University of Odessa psychology student said the only thing that’s currently missing from her life is a man — even though she’s received several marriage proposals over the Internet.

“First and foremost I appreciate cleverness in men,” she said. “For me it is important that my boyfriend is intelligent, charismatic, purposeful and kind.”

Sounds like it’s time for a new Human Ken!

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