PHOTO – Medium Allison Dubois, Camille Grammer’s friend, devours Kyle Richards while smoking an electronic cigarette

The Real Housewives only truly deliver during surreal, slap-crazy dinner parties, and tonight was no exception with Faye Resnick and Medium psychic Allison Dubois.

Camille invited the whole gang over to her house for a dinner party to get over the whole New York/fight that arouse over a comment that Camille seems to have made up in her head that Kyle said. So the deck was already stacked against everyone.

But to make matters worse, Camille invited one of her close friends Allison Dubois, a famed medium who speaks to dead people and works with forensic. The television show Medium (which is produced by Camille and Kelsey) was inspired by Allison and her book Don’t Kiss Them Goodbye. That’s all well and good, but the problem is that Allison comes off as crazy and vicious, not a good combo.

She swigged Camille’s deadly cocktails like they were water (and we thought Camille didn’t drink!), and then huffed and puffed on an electronic cigarette because she obviously thought it made her look mysterious and powerful. But the real effect that electronic cigarette made was more batshit than bewitching.

She made a big deal about “having a girl’s night,” and not working, even though Lisa Vanderpump wanted to see a few of Allison’s party tricks, but tried to lure us all in by explaining that she’s been on Oprah and that people can’t get enough of her once they taste her.

And then she went for the kill with Kyle Richards, which was the real intent of the evening, after all. She told her that her husband would never meet her emotional needs and that she’s done nothing with her life, among other things.

While Kyle left the table with her posse to get over the electronic cigarette-mist-ladden lashing, Allison continued bashing her with a malicious vengeance explaining that she loved that she knew when and how Kyle will die and offered to stick her nicotine gadget where the sun doesn’t shine on Kyle, then joked that she’d need a much bigger electronic device for Kyle to feel that.

If Allison is really a psychic who can mind-tap and tell if your husband is cheating on you, did she warn Camille about Kelsey?

LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 5: Allison DuBois, who inspired the NBC series MEDIUM, attends a booksigning event for 'Don't Kiss Them Good-Bye' on at Barnes & Noble at The Grove at Farmers Market on May 5, 2005 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Tuukka Jantti/Getty Images).