PHOTOS Lucy Lawless arrested in New Zealand for participating in Greenpeace protest

Lucy Lawless wears a Save the Arctic t shirt aboard the Noble Discoverer in New Zealand

It seems New Zealand doesn’t take too kindly to lawlessness, especially Lucy Lawless-ness! The Spartacus star was arrested after sneaking aboard the oil-drilling ship Noble Discoverer with few of her Greenpeace friends to protest in hopes of preventing it from sailing to Alaska on a drilling expedition.

Here are a couple photos from the moment authorities placed Lucy Lawless and the other Greenpeace protesters under arrest:

Lucy Lawless arrested in New Zealand

Authorities arrest Lucy Lawless and other Greenpeace protesters in New Zealand

Lawless, who is originally from New Zealand and most famous for playing the title character on Xena: Warrior Princess, snuck on board with her environmentalist pals in the early morning hours on February 24. Once on the ship, Lucy and her lawless buds climbed its drilling tower where they unfurled banners reading “Stop Shell” and “Save the Arctic.”

We don’t have any more information about the actual arrest at this point, something Lucy Lawless was well aware was not only a potential consequence of her actions, but a likely one. She told TMZ earlier this week, “We know we’re going to be arrested … but … this is a moral decision for us.”

Lawless, 43, is a long-time campaigner on environmental issues.

Oddly enough, Lucy Lawless has a solar-powered cell phone on her person and has been tweeting throughout the ordeal. Here are some of the highlights with some photos from thrown in for good measure. You can participate in Greenpeace’s campaign against Shell by CLICKING HERE.

Lucy Lawless takes a nap while protesting with Greenpeace in New Zealand

February 23

Today I’m taking direct action with GreenpeaceNZ in peaceful protest against Shell’s Arctic oil drilling #savethearctic

I’m on one of the oldest drill rigs on the planet and it’s heading to the Arctic. Tell Shell to stop #savetheartic

Why? 1. The Arctic is in the crosshairs of Climate Change profiteers.

Why? 2. Because a blowout under Arctic ice will make the Gulf of Mexico spill look like a children’s party

Why?3. Because We have the technology and knowledge to change the course of runaway climate change. We owe it to our kids

All safe up here but a squall coming in. Good spirits.

Because of remoteness, harsh weather and 6 months darkness, an oilspill could rage for years under the ice #savethearctic

@Shell has the technology to be world leaders in clean energy. We ask them to join the 21st century so that all may flourish

They’re all so crazy to reduce reliance on ‘foreign Oil’, why not reduce our reliance on Oil, period?!

Wind strengthening. Taking the shredded banner down. Fasten your seatbelts, Muchachos, it’s going to be a bumpy night !

Activists are going to be tucked up like the Little Rascals. Sleeping hardcore 50m up in the air. Gotta be done

Lucy Lawless takes part in a Greenpeace protest in New Zealand

February 24

We are all One. What happens in the Arctic no longer stays in the Arctic

On watch. Pretty chilly but wind has died down. Can’t imagine being on this tub in the Arctic circle. These guys must freeze

“Plunge into the din of Battle. But keep your heart at the lotus feet of the Lord.”

This can only be an act of extreme Non-violence!

Why does Shell think it is easier to cleanup an oilspill thru an Arctic winter than one in the warm Gulf of Mexico?

Oil, the miracle product of the 19th Century has become the curse of the 21st.

Lucy Lawless protesting aboard oil drilling ship in New Zealand with Greenpeace

February 25

Okay, I’m living with a bunch of Ninjas 50 metres off the ground. @GreenpeaceNZ

@GreenpeaceNZ these guys sleep with their eyes open

Loud music over speakers about 1.30 AM. They starting to go Guantanamo on our ass?

Could be just someone’s alarm (Roughneck Rock). We switched off the overhead lights so they bought out the spotlights. Made em twitchy.

Every moment we are being filmed. For legals?

These ninjas are fast asleep with their eyes open but I found last night pretty darn scary. Not for sissies.

A crew member has a fantastic accent from Arkansas or somewhere. We want him to talk forever over loudspeaker. sensational!

@MuffAnn18 I knew my posse would be behind me. But we need everyone on board too. We feel pretty alone up here sometimes. Great to meet U!

@XenaAmazon Let me tell ya, courage isn’t the absence of fear. You just have to believe in Climate Justice.

RadioNZ has informed us that a Petrobras tanker ran aground off Antarctica 12/11. Cover-up. Follow this story. @GreenpeaceNZ

Re. Petrobras tanker, Was delivering diesel to base on King George Island, Antarctica. None spilled. Dangerous environment.

Ship turning around with us on top. Making safe.

Ship coming about with three tugs. All safe.

calls coming into @GreenpeaceNZ from insustry insiders saying this vessel is unsound and shouldnt be allowed to go anywhere

Anticipating imminent arrest so doing final cleanup of camp #savethearctic. Will be dissapointed if we have to leave but will go peacefully.

We stand in solidarity with all who love the earth – let’s #SavetheArctic from @shell !

Seven of us came up the tower on @Shell’s drillship but 4 days later 130,000 will come down. In solidarity we can #savethearctic

Top photo: Greenpeace / Splash News
All other photos: Greenpeace