PHOTOS George Lucas photobombs Lindsay Lohan in St. Barts

Lindsay Lohah tries on a new swimsuit in St. Barts January 2, 2010

Lindsay Lohan was continuing her world record paced bikini marathon in St. Barts Saturday, following up Friday’s 4 swimsuits with two more – although technically one of them appears to be a duplicate from the previous day. (The whopper-jawed asymmetrical black thing on the yacht that makes her but look like her front.) The real story isn’t that Lindsay Lohan continued her swimwear-athon by trying on a one-piece black stringy swimsuit, it’s the fact that there are SOOOO many celebrities in St. Barts this New Year’s that you can’t photograph LiLo trying on a bikini without a George Lucas photobomb!

Star Wars director George Lucas photobombs Lindsay Lohan

Actually, this confluence of celebritude may be more than just a coincidence. has a source that knows someone that went to St. Barts one time that tells us Lucas Films is working on a new adult film called Star Wh**es: A New Ho starring Jenna Jameson as Princes Lay Ya, Ron Jeremy as Girth Vader and LiLo as the rebellious Lohan Solo. (The rest of the cast will all be played by Tiger Woods mistresses.) Diehard Star Wars fans are a little upset but still hopeful the film will be better than Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Nah, I’m just kidding. But, just in case – remember you heard it here first!

Here are some more photos of Lindsay on a yacht wearing her black akimbokini and also trying on the new suit at a shop in Gustavia, including one photo that appears to reveal a couple scars on her right leg. Perhaps burns from a light sabrator?

Lindsay Lohan look slike she has scars on her right leg January 2, 2010

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Photos: Brian Flannery/

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