VIDEO: Lindsay Lohan stars in Real Housewives of Disney on SNL

SNL The Real Housewives of Disney

The highlight of Lindsay Lohan’s SNL gig last night was her role as Rapunzel in the pre-taped skit “Real Housewives of Disney.” This mash-up was so good my toes curled.

Kristin Wiig stole the intros as Cinderella, who’s tagline is “I’m a huge f**kin’ mess.” And it was all downhill from there (which, of course is uphill in Real Housewives’ world.)

Here’s the low-down about what went down:

Rapunzel (Lindsay) held a castle warming party for the other princesses. Cinderella gave Rapunz stink eye, then offended Snow White and her friend Doc by announcing her new charity for dwarves, who need help because “they’re not real people.”

Later at dinner, Belle showed off her $25,000 dollar boob seashells for their trip under the sea later, which set off Jasmine who’s having financial problems. (Aladdin used up their last wish on a lap dance from Cinderella.) A tearful Jasmine also confided that she accidentally has sex with Iago because he was imitating Aladdin.

Cinderella’s husband Prince Charming is totally gay and rips on Rapunzel’s dress, giving Snow White the opportunity to burn him with this line “Looks like my stepmother isn’t the only evil queen in town.” Then Belle debuts one of her many dance singles. Styel? Nasal and bored. Lyrics? “Be our guest, be our guest. Cavier, Versace. Be our guest. Be our guest Rolls Royce. Versace.”

Forget Once Upon a Time, Disney needs to further develop this series. We’d all totally watch.

Snow White: At least I didn’t marry a beast.
Belle: His name is Kelsey Grammer!

UPDATE – CLICK HERE to watch “The Real Housewives of Disney” outtakes and deleted scenes!

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