PHOTOS Kelly Osbourne sprays graffiti with Justin Bieber

Kelly Osbourne and Justin Bieber graffiti

So, what is a high-profile celebrity gal to do the night she officially announces she broke off her engagement and is now a single woman? If you’re Kelly Osbourne you take graffiti lessons from Justin Bieber!

Hours after her rep announced earlier today that Kelly and fiance Matthew Mosshart had officially split, Kelly Osbourne posted the photo above of herself and The Biebs spray painting graffiti on instagram and captioned it:

Just had so much fun getting lessons from @justinbieber on how to #SprayPaint! Needless to say I was sh!t all I did was the horns! Justin is a lovely boy and have turned me into a true #Belieber tonight!

Kelly then shared this next photo and captioned it, “Most #Random but fun night with @justinbieber!”

Justin Bieber and Kelly Osbourne spray painting together

Justin was also instagramming his graffiti tutorial and he posted this photo of his turtle prior to Kelly making it “horny:”

Justin Bieber graffiti turtle

Kelly’s pal @TheDingoIsSnow also documented the historic night with a widescreen version of Kelly’s photo at the top of this post and the caption, “@kellyosbourne getting some tips from @justinbieber and @milktyson #nightriding”

BUT WAIT! @MilkTyson also got into the fun with this photo accompanied by the tweet, “Brought @KellyOsbourne over & turned her into a belieber @justinbieber #FAM”

Justin Bieber and Kelly Osbourne graffiti session

Prior to that Milk shared this Kelly-less shot of himself and The Biebs on instagram, writing, “Blessed with my #FAM arts and crafts but to have some more special guests roll through”

Milk Tyson and Justin Bieber

And more special guests did roll through! “You never know who’s gonna show up! @kellyosbourne @thedingoinsnow showed up to paint my crib w/ @justinbieber WE A HUGE #FAM” he wrote later.

So whatya think? Do we need to crank up the “Are Kelly Osbourne and Justin Bieber dating?” rumor mill and start coming up with potential supercouple monikers like Kellieber and Biebourne?

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