PHOTOS Kate Gosselin looks radiant down under

Kate Gosselin Steve Irwin day

Following the fall out form the groundbreaking reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8 and the divorce of Jon and Kate I’ve found myself in neither of the parent’s corner. No one’s perfect but there has been some apparent systematic parental failures from both sides but now that the two have transitioned from “reality” to the real world life goes on.

Kate Gosselin recently announced that she was taking on a full-time job as a coupon blogger, but shortly thereafter took a trip down under to celebrate Steve Irwin day at the Australia Zoo. If Kate’s been under extreme pressure lately following the dismissal of her spin-off show Kate Plus 8 she’s not showing it because I have to admit the mother of, well 8 of course, looked fantastic.

Kate Gosselin Steve Irwin day

The 36-year-old dressed like a zoo-keeper in the full taupe uniform and her straight blond hair and make up had me doing double takes. In some of these pics it just doesn’t look like Kate to me and that’s a good thing!

Gosselin spent time with The Crocodile Hunter’s widow, Terri Irwin, and during her visit cuddled with a koala, made hand prints in concrete and greeted her fans that were in attendance. If you’re wondering, Kate’s brood was back at daddy Jon’s while she made her globe-trotting trip.

This has been done before but in light of Kate’s most recent look I thought I’d put together a little side-by-side-by-side to emphasize her style growth:

Kate Gosselin side-by-side-by-side

That sure is some change. To be fair, I would have looked like something from The Walking Dead if I was carrying that many babies in my kangaroo patch for the pic on the left! Kate and Jon’s story continues to be an interesting one as we follow the growth of their children who were raised under the eyes of the camera and America.

Here’s one more parting shot of Kate G. as she runs out to greet her fans. Beauty mate!

Kate Gosselin Australian Zoo

Kate down under photos: Blue Wasp/Grey Wasp/Splash News