Snooki drunk during Jersey Shore reunion special, The Situation maintains she cheated on Jionni with him

Snooki an alcoholic?
We love Snooki, but we’ve speculated before that her drinking may be too out of control, even for a reality star. This concern has been cemented by her ex Emilio’s Twitter claims that Jersey Shore was turning her into an “alcoholic, ” her excessive binge drinking in Italy that caused even her hard-partying Jersey cast members like Jwoww and The Situation to be shocked, and now a report that she drank heavily on the set of the latest reunion special, and even begged producers for drinks at 11 a.m. This is not normal partying behavior!

Binge drinking in America and other western countries is simply par for the course for young people. 20-30 is the decade to go out and get plastered with friends. It isn’t very healthy, binge-drinking is the easiest way to damage your liver and other organs, and it can lead to making decisions you may regret later, but it IS normalized behavior that most people move on from and get over. However, sometimes even “normal” binge drinking can get too extreme, and it can become a huge problem leading to addiction, legal troubles, alcohol poisoning, sexual problems (STDs, pregnancy, cheating, low self-esteem, and/or ruined friendships.) Snooki is already seeing some of these problems. Her friendship with The Situation is suffering over an argument about whether or she cheated on Jionni with him, and last summer she was arrested in the middle of the day for drunk and disorderly conduct in Seaside Heights.

Snooki’s ex Emilio tweeted his concerns on Snooki’s drinking this July, misplacing most of the blame: “This is Disgusting. MTV’s Jersey Shore is turning Nicole into an Alcoholic. They are killin her liver. That’s not the nicole I knew! Poor girl.” While it’s true that Snooki’s involvement with MTV’s most popular show may be contributing to her drinking, she’s the one making the choice. On the episode where Snooki and Deena get so plastered they can barely walk or talk and end up making out despite the fact that Snooki’s in a serious relationship with Jionni LaVelle, Jwoww and Sammi Sweetheart refrained from binging on alcohol. Did these antics bring in ratings? Yes, but it was Snooki and Deena’s decision to get so blotto.

That episode wouldn’t be such a big deal if it was a one-time thing, but unfortunately it’s not. Apparently during the taping of this season’s reunion special Snooki was drunk and slurring her words at 11 a.m. (a source told Star magazine.) She was angry at The Situation over his continued claims that she cheated on Jionni with him, and reportedly was heard on the mike asking producers backstage to get her a drink. She was reportedly denied the drink until shooting finished.

We think Snooki is awesome, and we want her to slow down before she hurts herself. What do you think, is Snooki taking her binge drinking too far? Did she really cheat with The Situation?

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