VIDEO Snooki from Jersey Shore does the weather for WPIX 11

Jersey Shore's Snooki adjusts herself while handling the weather for WPIX New York

Is there anything this Jersey girl can’t do?!? Well, besides reach the freezer door…

Jersey Shore‘s diminutive Guidette Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi continues to cash in on her 15 minutes and expand her resume, this time by handling weather girl duties on New Tork’s WPIX:

Aside from an early stumble and then later saying one of the news anchors looked like her mother, Snooki did pretty well! I think I like the weather mixed with a little attitude and complacency! Maybe this will be a trend.

Snooki later had an opportunity to climb up on her soap box and clearly state once gain that she DOES NOT USE A BUMPIT! Derogatory comments about her height, moral character and appearance don’t seem to bother her (they’re like water off a Duck Phone‘s back) but she draws the line at Bumpit accusations!

Snooki from Jersey Shore is the WPIX weather girl for the day January 8

On a side note – would it be big news if I outed that weather dude as gay? (I tried to figure out his name from the WPIX web site and I think it’s Chris Knowles? Can anyone verify that?) I’m guessing in a big city like New york someone has figured it out already, but just in case…

WPIX weather man Chris Knowles looking a bit effeminate with Snooki from Jersey Shore

Not that there’s anything wrong with that! I’m just saying…

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