PHOTOS Joseline Hernandez’s after baby body is straight-up ridiculous

Joseline Hernandez after baby

Joseline Hernandez is one of the most divisive (and entertaining!) members of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast, and the amount of attention getting paid to her post-pregnancy figure is a perfect demonstration of why. Haters are hating and fans are agog, but pretty much everybody is wondering the same thing: how did Joseline Hernandez after baby manage to look so good so quickly?

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Devoteés will recall that Joseline was a high-profile stripper during her pre-LHHATL days, and stripping for a living is definitely a workout all by itself. But what sometimes gets overlooked–as TUD pointed out–is that Joseline also used to be a personal trainer, so by this point her fitness regimen is basically built in. “I love to work out,” Joseline said. “I used to train people before [reality TV]. That’s why I’m doing my own DVD workout–because it’s so simple and people don’t need a trainer.”

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Indeed, Joseline has shared some high-octane clips from her own workout DVD–though news of its release kind of got overshadowed by the whole secret baby daddy drama last year (and the actual late-December birth of baby Bonnie Bella). So you can judge Joseline for yourself:

In any case, her oft-updated Instagram feed doesn’t lie: Joseline has definitely returned to her pre-Bonnie figure! Here’s a photo gallery of her transformation over the past two months, in chronological order from the very beginning of 2017:

Joseline Hernandez after baby 4 days 1
Joseline four days after giving birth

Joseline Hernandez after baby 3 weeks 1
Three weeks after giving birth

Joseline Hernandez after baby 5 weeks 1
Five weeks after giving birth

Joseline Hernandez after baby 6 weeks 1
Six weeks after giving birth

Joseline Hernandez after baby 7 weeks 1
Seven weeks after giving birth

Joseline Hernandez after baby 8 weeks 1
Eight weeks after giving birth

You can continue to hate (or love!) all things Joseline when Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 drops Monday night at 8 on VH1.

(Photo credits: Joseline Hernandez after baby via Instagram)

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