PHOTOS Jill Dillard defends putting pop on her baby registry, posts second-trimester bump picture

Derick Dillard and Jill Dillard Baby Registry

When it was revealed that Jill Dillard and hubby Derick Dillard started a baby registry in their first trimester, the biggest question wasn’t “Why so soon?” but “Why Dr. Pepper and Fanta?”

“Derick said we should put Dr. Pepper on there, because if you have late nights, you have to have caffeine,” the first-time mom told People. “And I told him, ‘I like Fanta,’ so he put that on there and some Gatorade, as well… It was a really fun date.”

Besides the nontraditional grocery products, Jill said she and Derick tried to “think longterm” by selecting items that could be used for babies to come. They also picked gender-neutral items because they won’t learn whether they are welcoming a baby boy or girl for a few more weeks.

“I know people are trying to guess, but we don’t even know,” Jill said of the baby’s sex. “I came from a large family and my mom used to think, ‘When I’m buying, do I want to go with one theme or be more practical?'”

Jill Dillard Pregnant Second Trimester

Jill, who is officially in her second trimester, said she and Derick are also making plans for “Baby Dilly’s” expected arrival in March 2015.

“We are planning on keeping the baby with us the first few weeks. We are still trying to decide about whether or not we’ll do sleep training, but we will transition the baby into their own room eventually,” she explained. (Sleep training is an IBLP-encouraged method of helping a baby learn how to sleep through the night by establishing a routine.)

Jill and Derick are also getting advice from their mothers… As well as a few gifts.

“They are thinking of all the things that a baby should have,” Jill said of her mom and mother-in-law. “Derick’s mom gave us two car seats that strap to a suitcase when you are traveling. She said, ‘I’ll give you two in case you are having twins.'”

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