Kandi Burruss’ A Mother’s Love tour canceled after one week — find out why

Kandi Burruss - Todd Tucker

After just five stops on the tour, Kandi Burruss’ A Mother’s Love production has been canceled. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star confirmed the news on Instagram today…

“We really worked hard to put together an awesome show. It breaks my heart that we wont be able to put on this show for my fans who have bought tickets, & who all were looking forward to seeing it,” she said. “I hope you understand that the cancellation was beyond my control… I was suppose to be headed to Detroit this weekend & to find out that we’re not going kills me.”

Kandi also confirmed what two cast member previously hinted: The promoter who had exclusive rights to the show was basically “cash poor.” Cast member Funky Dineva said as much in another post today.

“I knew something in the milk wasn’t clean when the check I was written for my first week’s salary bounced,” Funky Dineva said. “We successfully performed in 3 cities in Georgia. The shows were stellar, though attendance could have been much better. It is my assumption that the promoter was banking on the week one shows to sell out, to carry us into week two, and so on and so forth. Well , you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip. When the week once receipts were tallied, the bottom line was, we didn’t have enough resources to move into week two.”

Funky Dineva said none of the blame should be placed on Kandi and Todd Tucker, who had no reason to be skeptical about the promoter beforehand and wouldn’t have made the same promises to the cast if they were only working on their own.

The silver lining is that if Kandi really is pregnant, she now has more time to prepare for baby!