Sandra Bullock’s boyfriend Bryan Randall had restraining order after angry outburst in 2012

Sandra Bullock boyfriend Bryan Randal

Uh oh: Sounds like Sandra Bullock‘s new boyfriend, photographer and model Bryan Randall, has some majorly scary skeletons in his closet. It just came to light that in 2012 a neighbor of Bryan’s filed a temporary restraining order against him. According to his neighbor, John Stacer, Bryan confronted him about not cleaning up after his dog. The situation quickly escalated:


On the evening of 7/26/12 I was walking by and Bryan Randall confronted me about my dog defecating in the front of the building. He was videotaping me and said, ‘pick up your dog’s s**t, a**hole.’ He is a big guy and I was scared to go any closer so I called my dog back toward me and took him upstairs.

I was about to go back outside to pick up the feces when I heard a commotion and my girlfriend came home moments later. She said there was feces spread in our doorway. I cleaned it up and she sent Bryan a message saying it was unacceptable what he did.


Allegedly, the situation only got worse. According to his neighbor, Brian did not handle the message well; in the criminal complaint, Stacer drops some scary details: “I know he has guns and a notoriously erratic temper and I am scared of what he will do next.”

Sandra Bullock's boyfriend Bryan Randall no shirt

We all want Sandy to be happy; girlfriend’s been through the ringer. Can you imagine winning an Oscar, the fulfillment of all your dreams, and then, basically the next day discovering that your husband was a philandering jerk with a Nazi fixation? The answer is no: no, you cannot. That’s why when news broke about Sandy dating Bryan broke we were all cheering for her…but this sounds ominous!

That said, we’ve all done things we aren’t proud of and this is only one side of a story from three years ago. It’s been resolved. And, if Sandra’s happy with the guy, who are we to say otherwise?


(Sandra Bullock photo: Adriana M. Barraza/, Bryan Randall photos: Nologo Model Management)

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