Why is Angelina Pivarnick back for Season 2 of Jersey Shore?

Angelina Pivarnick must have regretted her behavior on Season 1 of Jersey Shore that led to an unceremous ousting, because she somehow found her way back with the crew for Season 2.

She left the first time only a few episodes in because a fight with her married boyfriend led her to miss work and get fired from the T-shirt shop job they were required to keep to live in the house. The cast mates seemed happy to see her go, and reportedly harassed her through text messaging after she left. The Situation was particularly brutal towards her, and it came out that they had hooked up before the show began filming (the Sitch even claims he brought her home to meet his mother.)

“The Sitch” wasn’t the only cast mate Angelina ended up bedding, she also hooked up with Pauly D when the cast reunited for the reunion special. He immediately started kissing on another girl at a club, so Angelina felt wronged. That may have hurt, but it also might have helped her seal the deal to come back for Season 2 (and take advantage of that pay raise). According to the show’s creator SallyAnn Salsano, who Angelina “may or may not have had relations” with was exactly why she was asked back:

“In between the two seasons, Angelina may or may not have had some relations with the male members of our cast. So, they were spending time together, playing checkers on their own, so I think that’s where it came from. And then it just kind of followed from there. I wouldn’t say that everyone knew she was coming back, but there were certain members of the cast who definitely knew she was coming back.”

Here’s footage of The Situation and Pauly D getting surprised by Angelina:

Once she came back to the house, she also hooked up with Vinny, who also hooked up with Snooki around the same time! She reportedly moved out of the Miami Jersey Shore house after a matter of weeks!

After all that drama and smooshing nearly every guy in the house, we can’t expect to see any more of Angelina in Season 3, she’s been replaced by a hardcore guidette named Deena Nicole Cortese. Other people might have another story, but Angelina claims she left the show to pursue her singing career. She’s got a song called “All About Me”coming out, has an iPhone app, and is claims to be getting her own reality show. Maybe she should call up Heidi Montag for some advice about all of that.