PHOTOS Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp: Another day, another court date

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans and boyfriend Kieffer Delp arrive for court

Hardly a week goes by that Teen Mom Jenelle Evans and her wayfaring sidekick and partner-in-crime Kieffer Delp don’t have a court appearance scheduled, and this week is no exception. The duo arrived at their second only home today to once again answer to charges of breaking and entering as well as possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

In case you are confused, this is the first arrest for the duo that was featured in the Season One finale of Teen Mom 2. You know, when Kieffer and Jenelle went back to the same house they had been booted from the night before by police and told that if they came back they would be arrested?

We don’t have any reports on what happened inside the courtroom but we do have reports on what happened outside! Jeneiffer surprisingly arrived on time – perhaps because the MTV crews were there to remind them? But, after heading out to Wendy’s for lunch together, the duo had to burn some of those fast food calories by running back to make it on time!

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans runs back to court after being late from lunch

If you are like I was you’re probably thinking you are going to see perhaps the rarest image in reality television history – something previously so inconceivable that these three words have never been used together before in the history of the English (or any other) language: Kieffer Delp running. But alas, the best I have to offer is a picture of The Delper slightly leaning forward:

Kieffer Delp almost runs while late for court April 14 2011

If you want to check out Jenelle and Kieffer’s mug shots from the arrests that we know about, be sure to check out our “Top Ten Teen Mom Mug Shot Photos” with Jeneiffer as well as the rest of the characters from the Teen Mom universe who have had brushes with the law!

As an added bonus, here is what Jenelle “The Flash” Evans looked like to the naked eye as she once again left Kieffer behind – this time in an attempt to not be late for court:

Jenelle Evans shows blazing speed while rushing back to a court appearance

Photos: Aaron St. Clair / Splash News