PHOTOS Is Gretchen Rossi married? See her new rings & read her response, plus a baby update!

Gretchen Rossi married? Seen wearing new engagement and wedding rings?

Could it be that former Real Housewives of Orange County stars Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley have secretly tied the knot?! Gretchen has the rumor mill working overtime after she was spotted sporting a new engagement ring with two additional diamond bands!

Gretchen has been wearing the new bling since at least June 17, as you can tell from this photo with her dad. More recent photos clearly show that her infamous yellow diamond engagement ring has been replaced with a clear diamond, and the engagement ring looks to have been joined by two additional bands — which is what really got the secret wedding rumor ball rolling.

Gretchen was asked whether or not she and Slade have gotten married by numerous commenters on her recent Instagram posts, and her answers don’t seem to vary too much:

COMMENT: Are you married?? Couldn’t help but notice those rocks on your left finger ?

GRETCHEN: ????‍♀️

COMMENT: Did you and Slade get married?? That’s a lot of bling on that finger ??

GRETCHEN: ???‍♀️?

I just imagine the wedding ceremony when the preacher asks Gretchen if she accepts Slade to be her lawfully wedded husband. Gretchen stares deep into Slade’s eyes for long while as a tear forms in the corner of her eye. “???‍♀️?” she replies.

Meanwhile, Slade was a little less coy with his response.

COMMENT: Did you guys get married yet?

SLADE: not yet

Now that’s a straightforward manswer right there! Thanks Slade. 🙂

I find it impossible to believe that Slade and Gretchen would secretly get married without a film crew there to capture it for some sort of Bravo special or as part of a some wedding show of some sort. That being said, it is possible that they secretly got married AND filmed it! Either way, Gretchen has really been putting her bling front in center in her recent Instagram stories, so she clearly wants us speculating. 🙂

And since we’re here talking about Gretchen and Slade — what’s up with their plans to have a baby via in vitro fertilization? Gretchen was more direct with her answers when asked about that:

COMMENT: what happened to that baby you were going to have?

GRETCHEN: we are still in the process of IVF

COMMENT: gorgeous as always ? Cant wait to see you get back on the baby journey. I know you took a break to get on track. Just can’t wait to see you preggers. You are gonna look so adorable!!…

GRETCHEN: ahh thank you my friend! Yes before we implant I needed to give my body a break from all the hormones ?? I read that is better for implantation

While Gretchen is giving her body a break from all the hormones, she is not taking a break from looking damn fine on Instagram. I’ll send you off with some recent shots of Gretchen showing off her ‘gram flexin’ (and 310 shake sellin’) skillz:

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