New Orange County Housewife’s plastic surgeon husband sued

HEather Dubrow her husband Terry Dubrow and her four children Nicholas, Maximillia, Katarina, and Collette

Heather Dubrow can now officially call herself a Real Housewife now that she finds her husband on the wrong end of a lawsuit

We previously profiled the 42-year-old brunette, yes brunette, mother of four and wondered how she might manage to squeeze that dark hair in and get any attention from the other OC ladies. Well, if there were an unsaid secret admittance requirement to the group it would have to include your man and lawsuits.

Heather’s husband is Dr. Terry Dubrow, a practicing plastic surgeon and he’s currently being named in a lawsuit by former patient Leah Goodman. Goodman is sighting general negligence and alleged medical malpractice. She is seeking an unspecified amount in damages.

In additional unearthed papers, June and Mark Hoffher, also filed a lawsuit against Dr. Dubrow for general damages following complications that June suffered from an unnamed procedure that Dubrow performed on her. Here is some legalese as far as what the Hoffhers were claiming:

“Defendants failed to disclose material risks of the procedure to the plaintiff and thereby failed to fully describe the procedures that were proposed and/or exceeded the scope of the disclosure and thereby failed to obtain informed consent from the plaintiff for said course of care, treatment and/or surgery. Had plaintiff been adequately informed of all the risks of the procedure, plaintiff would not have consented to said procedure.”

Lawsuits like this are not uncommon for those who work in the field of plastic surgery. What is uncommon is to be the husband of a Real Housewife so now anything akin to this on Dr. Dubrow’s record will come to light.

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