PHOTOS Hot Mormon Muffins 2010 wall calendar

Hot Mormon Muffin pinup girl Amy takes aim on men's hearts everywhere

Check out these 12 pinup photos of some hot Mormon mommas that want to have a little fun and also share some muffin recipes with you! Sexy, scantily clad women making muffins? I think it’s time I started doing a little more research into the Latter Day Saints!

The Hot Mormon Muffins: A Taste of Motherhood calendar has received a lot of press, following on the heels of the popular and controversial Men on a Mission calendars, which feature Mormon hunks just returning from their missionary obligations. Mormons Exposed, who put out the calendars, say they are trying to have a little fun while at the same time debunking some of the subservient stereotypes of women within the Mormon Church

Mission accomplished! Who knew the Mormon Church was hiding hot muffins like these?!? Mmmmmm…missionary Mormon mom muffins.

OK, OK – here are the pictures. Just click on the thumbnails to see the larger images in the gallery as well as names for the ladies and which month they represent:

Oh – one more thing – the Hot Muffins have gone multi-media! CLICK HERE to check out the Muffin Videos.

Photos: Barcroft/Fame Pictures

My personal favorite Mormom is the Easter-themed Miss April Charli. She’s definitely cute and sexy, as are most of the muffins here, but I think I just have a soft spot for sad bunnies – even sad Mormon bunnies. (I almost went with Miss December just so I could write The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Santa Claus, but I figured I could just mention that I almost went with it and say that anyway. Ta-da!) Cheer up Charli! there’s plenty to be hoppy about!

Hot Mormon Muffin bunny Charli

From the Mormons Exposed web site:

From the creators of the popular Men on a Mission calendar comes this hot addition fresh from the oven: Hot Mormon Muffins: A Taste of Motherhood. Not only are they delicious, the debut 2010 edition features twelve beautiful Mormon mothers posing in kitschy vintage pin-up style.

Much like the missionary men before them, these sexy moms have dared to step into the spotlight to breakdown stereotypes and extend a hand of friendship beyond religious and social boundaries.

Shot in a centerfold format with oversized imagery, the calendar features the ladies’ favorite muffin recipes with a portion of the proceeds going to Breast Cancer research.

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