PHOTOS Fixer Upper’s Joanna Gaines debuts huge custom furniture line

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Back in May, Fixer Upper star and home style icon Joanna Gaines announced her line of custom furniture, to be available later in the year. It’s now later in the year, and, as if finishing up an entire new season of Fixer Upper episodes wasn’t enough, Joanna has unleashed her Magnolia Homes furniture upon the world. The Joanna Gaines furniture, produced by industry icons Standard Furniture Corporation, is currently on display at the International Home Furnishings Market out in High Point NC. The week-long trade show wraps up tomorrow; following that, retailers will place orders for the Magnolia Homes line, which should start hitting furniture stores nationwide this coming January.

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According to the most recent press release, Standard is tickled way beyond pink to have the Magnolia brand under its wing. Says Todd Evans, president of the corporation, “Joanna Gaines will bring an element to the furniture business that is unrivaled. Her design style and enthusiasm for creating a lifestyle that promotes home and family will resonate with people of all walks of life.”

As for Joanna, she’s pleased as family punch. “This is a dream come true for me,” she said. “I have always wanted my style to be accessible and available to those looking for new design solutions for their homes.”

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In a recent interview with nearby Greensboro television station WFMY, Joanna elaborated on what it meant to her to have her own furniture line–and on how she sees the line, and the Magnolia Homes brand, continuing to influence homes across the land.

“I design homes to be comfortable,” Joanna said, “but I also want these pieces to tell stories. I love for the basic palette to be pretty simple and neutral, and then you let the pops of color come in with accent chairs, and pillows…but I think, overall, that people just want the feeling at home to be comfortable and casual.

“I think sometimes, [people] can overdo it,” Joanna continued. “I think people just want a place to relax….I really feel like a lot of people are not wanting sets anymore. They want more of an eclectic feel, where it almost feels like they found these pieces.”

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To that end, the Joanna Gaines furniture line offers five different lines: Cottage, Farmhouse, Industrial, Modern Boho, and Vintage. The press release reminds us that each line will offer a full range of products for every room in your house; plus, as Joanna noted above, mixing and matching between lines, to create something unique and vibrant for your own home, is encouraged.

The big question, then, is: What does the Joanna Gaines furniture look like? Feast your eyes:

Setting up the kitchen in the showroom- notice the island that will be available soon?! #farmhouseisland #magnoliahomefurniture

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We are playing some serious musical chairs in here but it’s coming along! #magnoliahome #shiplap @highpointmarket

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Here are some of my comfy chairs in fun pops of color- I can’t decide my favorite?! #magnoliahomefurniture

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Fun Magnolia Home primitive island with shelving, drawers, and towel bar. #magnoliahomefurniture

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These pieces are for those of you who like the farmhouse and French flare! #magnoliahomefurniture

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These pieces are from the traditional and modern collections- classic and clean lines #magnoliahomefurniture #mixitup A photo posted by Joanna Stevens Gaines (@joannagaines) on

It’s entirely possible that we’ll start to see some of this new furniture when the third season of Fixer Upper debuts this December 1st–at 9 PM EST.


(Photo credits: Joanna Gaines furniture via Joanna and Chipper Gaines on Instagram)

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