PHOTOS Farrah Abraham’s FroCo frozen yogurt restaurant still a go, opening soon!

Farrah Abraham Froco frozen yogurt restaurant

One of the most fantastic mythological creations in all of reality television is finally going to be a reality! Farrah Abraham first revealed plans to open a frozen yogurt restaurant called FroCo Fresh Frozen way back in June of 2014. The Teen Momtrepreneur launched a website (that made headlines when it was later hacked) and numerous social media accounts featuring the restaurant’s mascot, Froco Coba. Later, Farrah would actually commission a real life FroCo Coba mascot as construction began on the restaurant in south Austin, Texas, with plans to open in October of 2014.

Froco was to be located on Austin’s super hip South Congress Avenue, which meant the restaurant would have the snappy name FroCo on SoCo. Unfortunately, Farrah and her business partners reportedly ran into some snafus getting all of the permits they needed, and as a result, they abandoned the South Congress location.

Since the FroCo on SoCo plans were abandoned, Farrah (and the restaurant’s social media accounts) have been silent about FroCo. That is, until earlier this month when FroCo Coba tweeted a themed graphic to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, which was then retweeted by Farrah:

The tweet hints at “something big” happening on May 31, so I did a bit of research. Sure enough, FroCo Fresh Frozen is coming soon!

Now located in Farrah’s former hometown of Lakeway, Texas (about 20 miles west northwest of Austin), the new FroCo will reportedly have a public ribbon cutting ceremony on June 1! From what we understand, there may also be a private launch event the day before, which would explain the tweet mentioning May 31. We assume it will be similar to the initial October, 2014 premiere plans, which included a red carpet:

Also, it seems that Farrah has really scaled back her plans for FroCo, which was originally going to occupy a very large space with an interactive playground and a party room. Her new space is the size and feel of a typical frozen yogurt shop — partly because it was a typical frozen yogurt shop! That’s right, FroCo is occupying a space that was previously a frozen yogurt shop that relocated.

We drove by the new FroCo locale and snapped some photos, which included some men hard at work renovating the interior:

Farrah Abraham Froco Fresh Frozen yogurt shop

Farrah Abraham frozen yogurt restaurant near Austin Texas

Farrah Abraham FroCo

Unfortunately, they haven’t replaced the old sign yet, so we didn’t get a look at the FroCo signage. But, things appear to be happening fast, so we assume that will be happening soon!

Here is a photo of the interior from when the previous frozen yogurt shop was still open:

Farrah Abraham Froco Fresh Frozen yogurt restaurant interior

As far as the location, it is in a GREAT spot! Lakeway is BOOMING right now, with most of the growth being affluent Austin suburbanites. And FroCo is in a relatively new development that features other restaurants that appear to be thriving.

And speaking of great locations, we also hopped over to the future home of Furnished By Farrah, which is Farrah Abraham’s furniture store opening up just around the corner in Lakeway. As nice as the development is that FroCo is located in, the Oaks at Lakeway are even better. It’s a huge, brand new mixed use development that has some of the hippest local and national businesses already committed to storefronts. I’m guessing Farrah and her team considered giving FroCo a home here, but Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt was already in.

Although a number of the empty spaces had “coming soon” signs in the windows indicating which businesses would be occupying those spaces, I could find nothing for Furnished By Farrah. For that reason, I don’t have any photos or information about the size of the store or who will be next door. Furnished By Farrah is reportedly shooting for a July, 2016 grand opening, so of course we will keep checking back and let you know when there are any updates.

We also hope to attend the grand opening of FroCo and maybe chat with Coba the Poppin’ Boba while downing some sea salt caramel frozen yogurt. Stay tuned!

UPDATE – After sharing this story on Twitter, FroCo Coba retweeted us and then responded by confirming there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony on May 31 at 5PM complete with “celebrity guests from MTV Teen Mom OG & film crew, red carpet, face painting, [and] door prizes!”

The schedule is:

5PM ribbon cutting with founder and celebrity Farrah Abraham

6PM Live DJ set by Mud Hunnies & live performance by Moving Panoramas

UPDATE – We attended the FroCo grand opening, and interviewed Farrah about getting into the frozen yogurt business, as well as opening her own furniture store and helping Sophia open a children’s boutique! Click the link for all the details.

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