PHOTOS Coco’s nono on show during London wardrobe malfunction (SFW with NotSFW links)

Coco Austin exposed without panties in London

Coco Austin, the proprietor of one of the more famous badonkadonks in history, accidentally let loose with the other side of her bottom half while stepping out in London. All of this brings up a very important philosophical new-age question. Is it a wardrobe malfunction if we’re talking about Coco? Theme music please:

That’s a tough one to answer. In these accompanying pics, the always demure {ahem} fair lady was being escorted on the arm of her man Ice-T at their hotel in London. A gust of wind perhaps {ahem} came along and revealed Coco’s little secret – she was goin’ commandohyeah! Ice-T was all smiles because of obvious reasons as the two made their way to a silver Audi.

Coco previously got some Twitter h8rs when she posted a nude photo with her infant nephew.

Here is one more shot of Coco’s bloomer-free ensemble – you know I actually love the dress. You can click on either photo to say “goodbye” to Hello Kitty!

Coco exposes herself in London

T’s main squeeze takes things in stride and she wasn’t gonna let any paparazzi pic ruin her fun. She tweeted the following photo of her flight back to the NYC with the following caption. “U gotta love Virgin Airlines! My trip back to NYC from London..Not too shabby.”