PHOTOS Beverly Hills Housewife Dana Wilkey gettin’ her drink on, flashin’ her unmentionables

Dana Wilkey

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newbie Dana Wilkey was more like Vuh-Dana Silky (that was for you Andy Cohen) last night as she left Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR Lounge looking to be twenty-five thousand sheets to the wind. Can you say, “Drinking game alert!”

After stumbling about with the assistance of a pal (no, not her mysterious fiance John Flynn) Dana flopped into her car Britney Spears style, giving photogs (and now us) a Wilkey’s Secret fashion show.

Click photo for larger, SFWish uncensored version:
Dana Wilkey wardrobe malfunction
“See these panties? 25 thousand dollars.”

The Beverly Hills ladies spent all day yesterday taping what was sure to be a super-emotional Reunion Special, after which host Andy Cohen tweeted:

Andy Cohen tweets about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 2 Reunion Special

Apparently the ladies agreed – or at least Dana did 🙂

And speaking of Dana, what did she have to say about the Reunion?

Dana Wilkey tweets about Real Hosuewives of Beverly Season 2 Reunion Special

So Dana “showed it all” at the Reunion? Whew! Glad she got that out of her system and didn’t “show it all” while getting into her car! I don’t think anybody wanted to see her $25,000 vajazzling job (done by Cindy Barshop of course).

On a side note, Dana’s cast mate Kyle Richards was also photographed leaving SUR last night, but she appeared to be sober and was wearing pants.

Photos: JCalderon / Splash News

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