PHOTOS Courteney Cox nip slip bikini wardrobe malfunction

Cougar Town’s official hot cougar has been all over the internet lately showing that she still has got one smokin’ hot bikini bod.  What appeared to be another day in St. Barts featuring Courteney Cox in a bikini turned into another day in St. Barts featuring Courteney Cox in a bikini that got “malfunctioned” by a big ol’ wave!  That’s right, that old good friend from Spring Breaks past Mr. Wave came in with a refreshing sense of humor and gave the world a genuine Cox nip slip!

Here is another shot of Courtney’s bikini wardrobe malfunction as she looks a little surprised by the accidental exposure:

Now Mr. Wave didn’t place those little ‘Casm bombs there but if you just HAVE to see what St. Barts saw just click on either one of the above images to view the uncensored version.

Cox was once again hamming it up with Cougar Town co-star hunk Josh Hopkins as rumors of a romance is brewing between the two.  Last month the actors were spotted holding hands together after filming had stopped.  I guess in St. Barts both nips and love are in the air as Cox vacations with Hopkins and her daughter Coco.

Just because we respect our Friends veteran and because I will always give C.C. mad props for her appearance in Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” video here’s Courteney covering up and looking F-I-N-E fine!

Courteney Cox reacts fast after a nip slip while filming Cougar Town in St. Barts

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