Jake Pavelka ex-girfriend Tanya Douglas full radio interview to air Wednesday

Jake Pavelka's versus ex-girlfriend Tanya Douglas

Just in time for the premiere of Dancing With The Stars, radio station WILN in Panama City finally has the clearance to release the full, two-hour plus interview they conducted with The Bachelor Jake Pavelka’s ex-girlfriend Tanya Douglas almost a month ago.

Here is the statement on Island106.com:

The Bachelor Interview gets released WEDNESDAY @ 7:30!
It’s been confirmed that “That Guy” Kramer will have the exclusive interview with Tanya Douglas, Jake’s Ex, on Wednesday at 7:30, only on Island 106!

And from “That Guy” Kramer’s Facebook account Sunday:

OMG! We’re going to release the Bachelor Audio THIS WEEK! FINALLY!! PREPARE YOURSELF! Find out when at 7:30 tomorrow am on Island 106!

“That Guy” Kramer has a morning show, so I assume that it will be 7:30 AM. And Panama City is on Central Time so that will be 8:30 AM Eastern, 5:30 Pacific.

Jake Pavelka is currently lacing his shoes up in preparation for his first appearance as a competitor on the new season of Dancing With The Stars that kicks off tonight at 8/7 C.

According to Steve Kramer, who conducted the interview, there are lots of jaw-dropping accusations in the interview and Tanya reportedly kept text messages, voice mails and photos to back up her allegation that she and Jake were still together during the taping of The Bachelor. The station released a teaser snippet with Tanya’s voice disguised back on March 4 and were apparently held up from releasing the full interview because of some legal agreement with Tanya promising she would be allowed to find a larger stage upon which to tell her story before they would release the full interview.

That “larger stage” came in the form of a disappointingly non-sensational appearance on Inside Edition March 16 without much more than a couple photos of her and Jake Pavelka together and stories of how he visited her and her family in her hometown of Marianna, Florida.

Though it may be naive, I’m still hopeful that all this smoke means there is a fire somewhere. After all that has come out about Jake Pavelka and his fiancee Vienna Girardi I’m of the belief that these two are faking everything for fame. I don’t have a problem with that (It’s just The Bachelor for oddness’ sake) but it sure would be fun if an intelligent, likable woman from Marianna, Florida blew their cover!

Call me a sucker, but I’ll be tuned in Wednesday morning!

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