PHOTOS Busted: Man gets murder scene tattoo

LA gangbanger Anthony Garcia buster for murder because of crime scene tattoo

Back in 2004 in Los Angeles County 23-year-old John Juarez was gunned down in front of Ed’s Liquor Store on the 6600 block of Rosemead Boulevard.  The crime went unsolved for four years until detective Kevin Lloyd came across a photo from an arrest of Anthony Garcia who was driving with a suspended license.

The mug shot from that simple arrest featured Garcia shirtless and exposed an elaborate and violent tattoo that depicted a murder scene, one that happened in front of a liquor store that was lined with Christmas lights just like Ed’s was, a murder scene that included a fallen gunned down body in the same direction as the body of John Juarez, a tattoo murder scene that showed a similar bowed street lamp…

That’s right you figured it out too blogger reading-detective person.  Anthony Garcia murdered Juan Juarez and had the horrible scene tattooed in immaculate detail on his body!  There is hard core gangsta and then there is hard core d’oh, and man does this fall under the latter.

I’ve dissected Garcia’s tattoo in three parts for a close up look at how you go about getting yourself busted for murder.  Here is part one:

LA gangbanger Anthony Garcia murder scene tattoo partial right

You can clearly make out the peanut man that represented the victim riddled with bullet holes as well as the street lamp and signs.  Here is part two, the center area of Garcia’s torso:

LA gangbanger Anthony Garcia murder scene tattoo partial center

In greater detail you see the depicted murder here.  The words “Rivera Kills” below his neckline represent the name of his gang, the Rivera-13.  As for Mr. Peanut, the word “peanut” is a term used by gangs to symbolize a rival gang member.  And the last and perhaps most incriminating part of Garcia’s tattoo:

LA gangbanger Anthony Garcia murder scene tattoo partial left

Alright detectives, based on this last imagine what do you think Garcia’s gang nickname is?  That’s right, his alias was “Chopper.”

It’s not uncommon for gang-bangers to have details about their lives inked but an actual self-incriminating depiction of a murder was a new one for the investigators.  Homicide Lt. Dave Dolson said, “”I haven’t seen it before, and I haven’t heard of anything like it either.”

Once detective Lloyd translated the murder map the police quickly located Garcia and arrested him.  While he was incarcerated a detective went undercover as a fellow gang member and soon enough Garcia was bragging about his not so well kept secret to the unidentified police officer.  This was recorded and proved, along with the murder scene tattoo of course, to be the hammer blow that got Garcia convicted.

All Images: Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department / Splash News