PHOTOS – Who is Tiger Woods’ fourth mistress? Jamie Jungers, a Vegas model and casino “Trashy Girl”

Jamie Jungers Trashy Girl, Tiger Woods fourth mistress

Jamie Jungers is the fourth Tiger Woods mistress to be identified, leaving only 489,594 that we don’t know about yet! had identified Jungers as number four and says a British newspaper is set to publish her story. Not only that, but a competing UK mag will publish ANOTHER Tiger mistress story, and at least two other girls are asking for bids on their Tiger Trysts. As I said, stay with us folks, only 489,594 to go!

Jungers is the first blonde mistress, but like all the other mistresses, she has a Vegas Connection. Most notably, her work for an organization called “Trashy Girls” that stocks casinos full of young things who get blokes good and drunk and whisper things in their ears to make them gamble more on risky bets. Sounds pretty shady, but casinos were never known to be fair operators.

Here’s a quote from the site about their services:

Bringing a slice of Hollywood and an unparalleled spice to your casino, these beautiful girls gamble and interact with your guests and VIPs enticing them to bet longer and increase your profits.  Because of their extensive fan base, iconic status, and media exposure, the Trashy Girls have a devoted clientele who always want to know when and where they will be and attend their events religiously.

To see Jamie Jungers’ Trashy profile, CLICK HERE.

Trashy Girls isn’t just about scamming drunken Jon Gosselins in Vegas, according to their press kit, they also had really high hopes for 2007,including a Trashy film, a Trashy television show, and a Trashy magazine. Sadly, these efforts fell through, but thanks to Tiger Woods and Jamie Junger, maybe they can realize their dreams! I bet they could sell a Trashy show to E! or VH1 in a heartbeat.

UPDATE – Jamie Jungers is supposedly in the 2010 Fast Dates wall calendar according to a description found on and amazon:

“While the Fast Dates Calendar Kittens this year are the SBK Championship’ barely legal Pirelli and Hannespree grid girls Lauren Brooke, Jamie Jungers, Shona Kay and Kami Wilson.”

Snap one of those up while you can! Not only is it a collector’s item because it has Jamie in it, but there’s a fairly good chance Tiger had sex with at least one other girl in there as well! (You gotta go with the odds!)

(story sources: RadarOnline, FameCrawler)

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