PHOTOS Breaking Amish Abe and Rebecca’s daughters Kayla and Malika

Breaking Amish Rebecca Schmucker and daughters Kayla and Malika Rayne

America’s favorite batch of dramatic former Amish (Drama-ish?) are returning to TLC on June 1 at 9/8c with the two-hour premiere of Breaking Amish: Return To Amish. Actually, the show might be more aptly titled Breaking Momish as the central story line this season will be the pregnancies of stars Rebecca Schmucker and Sabrina High and the birth of their daughters Malika and Oakley.

There seems to have been a bit of an embargo on photos of Malika and Oakley, but the floodgates have apparently opened after In Touch ran a story in their new issue introducing the newest adorable additions to the Breaking Amish cast:

After that article ran, Rebecca posted a series of family photos on Facebook that not only included Malika (5 months), but also her older sister Kayla (3), who mom Rebecca had previously kept off of the show (and off of the internet for that matter).

Breaking Amish Rebecca's baby daughter Malika Rayne

Rebecca Schmucker and daughter Malika Rayne

Breaking Amish Return To Amish Rebecca baby daughter Malika

Rebecca Schmucker's baby Malika photo

Breaking Amish Rebecca Schmucker's daughters Kayla and Malika Rayne Schmucker

All I have to say about those pictures is “With a name like Schmucker, they gotta be cute!” 😉 (And they are.)

UPDATE – Sabrina High has also got in on the baby photo posting fun! Click here to see pics of little Oakley!

Just prior to the In Touch article, Rebecca expressed her frustration at not being able to post any photos of Malika and shared some updates with fans:

I’m just dying to share photos of our precious Malika!! She is four months old now and she has her own room now upstairs across from her big sister Kayla! She is teething right now and she found her feet and loves playing with them!! She does not like her car seat because like her mom she would rather stretch out and be comfortable! She also discovered her voice and love shrieking and she thinks it’s so funny! Our two girls are amazing!! Kayla who is three is talking like she knows everything and she wants to start swimming so we want to get her started this summer.

As far as Abe and Rebecca, they appear to be adjusting to family life quite well. They’ve purchased a house and have been sharing updates on some of the work they’ve been doing inside and out on Facebook:


On May 19 Rebecca wrote, “So I’ve been shopping for Malika’s nursery now. She’s been downstairs in our bedroom so far but she’s sleeping very well and I’m transforming the spare room into her room which is fun and exciting!! Only thing I really need to find now is a crib that turns into a bed when she gets bigger!”

And Malika isn’t the only new addition to the Schmucker family! Kayla requested a puppy for her third birthday and mom and dad appear to have given in:


Abe was working for a contracting firm that does excavating, land clearing and demolition, and he recently got his Class A commercial driver’s license.

On another note, fans of Breaking Amish know that Rebecca has had mixed feelings about doing the show and sharing her personal life with so many people. She recently talked about where she is now with that struggle:

We are BACK!!! I personally do not know what to think at this point! I always stress about how I don’t like drama and yet I get dragged back into it again and again. Things don’t need to be talked about 5 times after it’s been worked out or explained but I accept the fact that it won’t end until I’m dead. The devil can be so obvious sometimes and it’s not a good feeling to know you sold your soul without knowing it. But I talk about my experience in life, hoping it will help at least one person to not make the mistakes I’ve made. God Bless you all and thank you for your time you have given to me! I love you all and wish you a happy time!

She later clarified some of her comments:

And by selling my soul I’m not referring to the show but I’m referring to my shortcomings and how I’ve failed The Lord throughout my life. I’ve been easy to manipulate and I’ve trusted too many times when I need to look out for what I really believe in and stand strong to that in my life!! I’ve let my husband down and I have let my children down and it’s the hardest thing to admit I failed but I have to be honest with myself so I can be honest with others. If I come off sounding horrible and mean, I don’t care because I will stand for what I believe in, the only way I know how.

To wrap things up, how about a Schmucker family photo featuring Rebecca, Abe, Abe’s mom Mary and dad Chester, Abe’s brother Andrew and his now wife Chapel!

Breaking Amish Schmucker family photo with Rebecca, Abe, Abe's mom Mary and dad Chester, Abe's brother Andrew and his now wife Chapel

Breaking Amish: Return to Amish premieres on Sunday, June 1 at 9/8c on TLC! (See the trailer and get more info on the new season here.)

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