RETURN TO AMISH Kate Stoltz says Chapel Peace cancer remission was fake, ‘reality TV ruins peoples lives and futures’

Kate Stoltz tweets Return To Amish

TLC’s popular reality series Return To Amish (formerly Breaking Amish) returns this Sunday, and at least one cast member is not thrilled about it. Model and fashion designer Kate Stoltz took to Twitter yesterday to express her frustration at ever having agreed to appear on the show, apparently due to the creative liberties taken by producers with editing.

“Doing a reality show was one of the worst decisions I made in my life,” Kate tweeted. “Everything on the show is so edited and out of context.”

That comment kicked off this series of tweets and responses from Kate over the next three hours:

KATE: tip to anyone that wants a good life: go to school, work hard and stay is control of ur life. Reality tv ruins peoples lives and futures

TWEETER: If so, why did/do you go back for more seasons? no judgement just a question

KATE: contracts.

KATE: Being on a reality show is like overhearing people talk about you, and they have their information all wrong… And you can’t do anything

KATE: It upsets me that people see someone like @KimKardashian and think that reality TV gives people this automatic success. SHE created her life

TWEETER: to this day I don’t understand why that whole family is famous. Because of a sex tape or something?

KATE: mostly because they are super smart about licensing and promoting themselves. It’s easy to hate but I admire their approach

[Editor’s note: We agree with Kate completely about Kim Kardashian! Check out our supportive comments after Kim’s essay essay on s|ut shaming as well as our “Why Is Kim Kardashian So Famous? Does She Deserve It?” post.]

KATE: I don’t want people to feel sorry that I’m on a show.. I just wish people would know the truth

So: why is Kate so upset at TLC? Although we don’t know the answer for certain, I assume it is in reaction to the new Return To Amish preview trailer released yesterday. In one part of the trailer, Kate proudly announces “I have an internship with Cynthia Rowley.” The trailer then quickly cuts to a crying Kate who says, “They’re the ones that are rude and disrespectful.” It does seem like a bit of awkward editing made to look like Kate was saying the people at Cynthia Rowley are rude and disrespectful, which I doubt was the case. Kate’s smart enough not to say something so broadly negative about a well-respected fashion design brand. [Update – We were correct – scroll down to the bottom for more.]

Later in the trailer, Kate can be seen sitting with Sabrina (I assume) and Sabrina asks her, “Is it true that you’re dating a plastic surgeon?”

Kate Stoltz angry

The clip then cuts to an exasperated Kate (above) doing a voice over in which she exclaims: “Every single time I’m on camera I’m being asked about it! Like, I don’t want to talk about it!” This seems like another example of creative editing, in that we’re not certain Kate is referring to the plastic surgeon dating rumor or not. But I believe the real issue is the dating rumor itself.

We first heard that Kate and the plastic surgeon who did her rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Robert Morin, might be involved late last year, after The Examiner published an article titled “Breaking Amish: Return To Amish Cast News: Does Kate Have A Boyfriend? Possible Secret Relationship Exposed [EXCLUSIVE].” The article features the subhead: “We examined the evidence and it appears she may be secretly involved with her plastic surgeon.”

The Examiner‘s post uses a series of social media posts by Kate and Dr. Morin to arrive at its conclusion, although there is no hard evidence proving the two have anything other than a professional relationship. And they DO have a professional relationship.

After her rhinoplasty, Kate accompanied Dr. Morin to Guatemala as part of his organization’s Developing Faces, which provides “high quality surgical care to babies and children with facial abnormalities in developing countries around the world.” On Kate’s LinkedIn profile, she reveals she has served as a Developing Faces administrator since September of 2014, and on their website she is listed is administrator/spokesperson.

Here is a photo of Kate and Dr. Morin together at a Developing Faces fundraising event in October, 2015:

And here are some of the photos Kate shared from her trip to Guatamala with Developing Faces — an experience that obviously had a huge impact on her, and an even larger impact on the 28 children who received treatment:

This #adorable #baby stole my #heart #developingfaces #charity #nonprofit #makeupfree @developingfaces

A photo posted by KATE STOLTZ (@katestoltz) on

Kate can also be seen in the Developing Faces promotional video:

It seems logical to assume that it’s Return To Amish‘s focus on Kate’s “rumored” relationship with Dr. Morin and its inclusion in the trailer that really set Kate off on Twitter. I’m guessing the rumor is false, and I cannot imagine how frustrating that must be for Kate because of the effect it is sure to have on Dr. Morin.

We’ve been huge fans of Kate Stoltz for a long time now, and have expressed our sincere admiration for her hard work and hustle on several occasions. (Unlike her co-star Jeremiah Raber, who attributes her success in part to The Illuminati.) She not only found success in one of the most difficult industries in the world (modeling), she is also setting herself up for a more sustainable career in fashion design.

In addition to designing and creating her own clothing line, Kate is also enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology. And, of course, Kate isn’t just enrolled — she’s excelling. “Just received a letter saying that I am on the Dean’s List at Fashion Institute of Technology,” Kate proudly announced on Facebook in June. “Hard work pays off!” she added, along with the hashtags ‪#‎proudmoment‬ and ‪#‎firstgenerationcollegestudent‬.

I’m hoping Kate’s frustration over the show will abate soon and we will see her back to being her positive, productive self. 🙂

On a random side note: while checking out Kate’s LinkedIn, I noticed that she includes being a “translator” for Hot Snakes Media, the production company that makes Return To Amish. Kate lists her job description as “Translating and transcribing media for major television shows aired on The Learning Channel, Discovery, and Lifetime.” Well, I guess we know how they found Kate for the original Breaking Amish show!

UPDATE – Kate has returned to Twitter to clarify some of what upset her, including the trailer being edited to suggest she had negative things to say about Cynthia Rowley. In addition, she confirmed that co-star Chapel Peace’s cancer was not in remission, and she was not receiving chemotherapy as it was portrayed on the show! I’ll let Kate speak for herself. There’s also a new preview clip, with just Kate, followed by Kate’s Facebook post letting her fans know she was answering questions on Twitter:

Follow me on twitter @kate__stoltz to get the REAL scoop of what goes on. I’m so disgusted at the way reality tv producers don’t have to take responsibility for the lives they ruin by editing things in a way that is untruthful, demeaning and unethical. Fans have the right to know the truth.

I don’t want to be an unethical journalist and speculate, but I am guessing this upcoming season of Return To Amish will be Kate’s last. As a fan of the show, I’m saddened to hear that, but, as a fan of Kate, I suppose that’s a really good thing. 🙂

UPDATE – Kate continues to vent! Click here for more, including Kate’s positive and appreciative comments about her time working for Cynthia Rowley as well as more accusations about scripting and manipulation by the show’s producers.

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