PHOTOS Angelina Jolie meets Pope Francis, screens Unbroken at the Vatican

Pope Francis greets Angelina Jolie at the Vatican


It may be officially Rotten according to the critics, but, for Angelina Jolie, the Pope’s blessing is more important than a hundred Leonard Maltins. Jolie brought Unbroken to the Vatican to screen it for an assemblage of dignitaries and Catholic higher-ups, and was clearly thrilled about the opportunity. In a statement, Jolie said “To be invited to screen Unbroken at The Vatican is an honor and a tribute to Louie’s legacy as a man of faith and someone who exemplified the power of forgiveness and the strength of the human spirit.”

For the Pope’s part, Vatican spokesman Reverand Federicoo Lombardi said that Unbroken features “positive human and spiritual values, in particular forgiveness.” Which, practically speaking, makes it the same thing as A Muppet Christmas Carol, except a lot longer, and a lot less Kermit-y. (And completely without Michael Caine.) This might be why, according to the Associated Press, Pope Francis didn’t actually watch the film, though he met briefly and informally with Jolie after the screening, to exchange gifts.

Jolie brought her children Shiloh and Zahara with her, along with Luke Zamperini, son of Louis, about whom Unbroken is.

Said Lombardi, “It all lasted just a few minutes, even though it was naturally very significant for those present.”

(Photo credits: WENN)

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