PHOTO Emma Stone photobombs woman trying to sneak a picture of her

'Magic in the Moonlight' Paris premiere

We all know what happens when you take a picture of Emma Stone without her expressly-written permission: you’re either getting a heartfelt message or a goofy pose for your trouble. We now also know that she’s got some shifty, hawk-like eyes, too. Recently, the Stonester and Andrew “A-Garf” Garfield were dining out, being celebrities, and minding their own business when they spotted a savvy camera phone user trying to snag a photo of them from over her own shoulder. Did the couple get mad? No–they got hilarious. Like, “Surprise! It’s your birthday! Here’s a new kitten!”-level hilarious. Check it:

Stone 480 yall

The caption? “Ok, so… either I caught a great moment between #AndrewGarfield & #EmmaStone or I clearly got caught and I am officially FIRED as a paparazzi… #oops”

Hashtag oops indeed, Instagram user alegb21. But, hey, at least she’s a good sport about the botched attempt. And, as Uproxx points out, what this proves is that we need a Candid Camera-style show where Emma Stone jumps out at people and paparazzi and ruins-slash-improves whatever pictures they’re trying to take. Your mission for today is to go out and befriend a bored and easily amused millionaire, so we can get startup funds for this project. For now, we’re going to use the working title You Got Stoned! for this project. #YouGotStoned. Come on, you guys. It can happen, if we believe hard enough.

(Photo credit: WENN; Instagram)

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