VIDEO – Ramona Singer smacks down her job interview candidates

Tonight’s ride on the Ramonacoaster was a doozie if you were interviewing to be her assistant. Ramona told the cameras that her assistant Melissa had outgrown her job and really had bigger role in Ramona’s various projects, so she needed a new regular assistant.

Ramona wasn’t really impressed with the parade of young women she interviewed. She balked at everything from their names, to their shy tendencies, and completely dissecting one young lady’s personality, wardrobe, and skin on camera.

Ramona tells her that her outfit is Midwest looking, disses the sheer stockings. “When you’re in marketing, you’re in business. People first look at your package. What do you look like? You don’t have to be pretty, you just have to be well put together. In fact, I should give you some of my skincare, you look like you could use some help with skin.”

Watch the painful encounter below:

Thanks Ramona!