PHOTO Teen Mom Farrah Abraham wears tiny lingerie bikini

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham in a sexy lingerie bikini with daughter Sophia in Florida

It’s almost as though Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is paying close attention to what we write. Soon after highlighting her “short shorts” bikini on Wednesday and then doing a post about her and her mother’s plan for an intimate apparel themed cooking show yesterday, Farrah was photographed on the beach once again, this time wearing a teeny tiny racy lacy bikini that looks more like lingerie than swimwear!

Holy smokes! That is, ummm… WOW! My imagination would like to thank Farrah for the rest..

Farrah’s daughter Sophia seemed perfectly laissez-faire as usual as she sported a slightly more conservative swimsuit and walked hand-in-hand with mom:

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's daughter Sophia enjoys a stroll on the beach in Florida

Seriously, is there a better tempered child on the planet?

And for those of you curious about the, uh, craftsmanship that went into Farrah’s Victoria’s Secret bikini, here’s a zoomed-in looooooooooong last look:

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham in a sexy lingerie style bikini photo

Photos: SDFL / Splash News

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