PHOTO – Scarlett Johansson got an artsy new tattoo on her ribcage

Scarlett Johansson got a new tattoo on her ribcage, and it’s super artsy.

The young actress commissioned the ink after visiting an exhibition of graffiti and tattoo artist Fuzi Uvtpk‘s work at Le Salon.

Scarlett’s got a few other tats, including a sunrise on her arm, and a I Love New York bracelet-style tattoo.

It’s kind of a crude drawing of a horseshoe surrounding by stars, and the words “Lucky You.” It’s drawing a lot of criticism today because of the freehand look it’s got going, which is kind of charming in a way. It looks like she got a Bic jailhouse tattoo from Daniel Johnston.

CLICK HERE to see a photo of Scarlett hanging out with Fuzi.

Scarlett stars as Janet Leigh in Hitchcock, opening in U.S. theaters Friday, November 23rd.