PHOTO Sandra Bullock’s son Louis Bullock is a cool lookin’ little dude

Sandra Bullock's son Louis Bullock

Sandra Bullock’s 3-year-old son Louis Bullock was photographed strutting the streets of New York City earlier today and the little man seemed to have a swagger that said, “Yeah, my mom is Sandra Bullock.” In addition to his sharp haircut, Louis was sporting a “Rockers Radio 3 Days of Chaos” Punk Festival skull and crossbones drumsticks shirt, brown pants and a tough pair of Adidas sneakers. His hands were full with a sippy cup and a toy airplane. #boyswag

I think we need a little theme music…

49-year-old Sandra Bullock recently talked with CNN about how she dealt with being a single mother of a toddler while making her most recent film, Gravity, with George Clooney. “The nice thing was that no matter what was going on, I got to go home to the same little guy, or have him there,” she said. “They made it so that he could be there with me 24/7. They created ‘Louis-land’ on a sound stage in damp, cold weather; they created Disneyland. So I knew that he was OK, (and) he was happy. And so it was worth going in and struggling for those 12 hours, because there was someone not struggling, right over there.”

Gravity is released in US theaters October 4. Until then, and after, Little Louis will continue not struggling. 🙂

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