PHOTOS JWoww ‘pulled a Britney’ by shaving her head

JWoww Shaved Head

New moms often cut their hair short because of grabby babies, but JWoww took it one step father this week by shaving her head — or, at least, a segment of it.

Less than two months after going blonde, the Jersey Shore star announced she was transforming her look again on Thursday.

“I didn’t feel right as a blonde so I pulled a Britney and shaved part of my head! I’m all about trying something new and my amazing hairstylist Joei D Fox was able to help me come up with an amazing new style that fits my personality,” she said on her blog, where she also shared the top picture. (Although JWoww said she “pulled a Britney,” the look is really more like those that have been sported by Ellie Goulding, Kesha, Rihanna and Rosario Dawson.)

Jenni added, “This is only part one of my transformation, I’m going to be posting the final look SOON!!!!”

True to her word, JWoww shared the second part of the makeover a short time later.

JWoww Hair Transformation

“For part two of my new hair transformation, I decided to go back to black,” she said. “Being blonde was fun but I was dying for a change. For the next step we went DARK DARK DARK! It’s fall now and blonde just doesn’t cut it. I was done with the basic look, and wanted something more bada**!”

Based on the final picture she shared, Jenni definitely achieved that goal.

Jwoww Hair - Pulled a Britney

“I am obsessed with it!!! It’s exactly what I was going for,” she raved. “Thanks to my badass stylist Joei D Fox for this masterpiece!!!”

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