Photo O’ The Day: Brian Wilson at the ESPY Awards

Brian Wilson in spandex tuxedo

When the San Francisco Giants made their unlikely run to the World Series Championship last year the world was introduced to the certifiable wackiest cat in sports, pitcher Brian Wilson, and his beautiful black beard. Yesterday he only further solidified that crown with the above indescribable spandex tuxedo outfit he rocked to ESPN’s yearly best-in-sports show the ESPY Awards.

I love so many things about the fashion and the photo in general. Wilson’s classic beard and ‘hawked hair with the sunglasses are tough as nails, the skin-tight spandex tuxedo accented by a glittering bow tie is the exact opposite while the sneakers-socks combo screams, “I’m an athlete sort of!”

Notice in the background everyone is smiling. The one lady on the far left looks like she’s about to bust a spleen. But then there’s the MIB goateed dude wearing shades. Look at him, no smile no nothing man, arms crossed in front of him like he’s some sort of secret service agent. Boo on you party-pooper goatee guy! In this dichotomy is a lesson on living your life. Here’s a side-by-side of the spleen-buster and party-pooper:

If you remove Wilson from the image you realize that in a real spiritual way that spleen-buster is laughing AT party-pooper. Who knew photobombs could unlock secrets to life? As for Wilson’s get up here are two separate explanations for the fashion decision from the wild man himself:

Washington Post: “It’s a onesie, so it has built-in gloves that are a little dirty because I’ve been getting a little awkward here on the carpet. And I’ve got my cougar cane — my ‘plus one’ tonight. And the socks came in the fan mail from a San Francisco Giants fan. You know who you are, thank you. It said: ‘Enjoy.’ That was the letter. And I’m currently enjoying them. Ninja socks.”

ESPN: “It’s not a wrestling singlet like people think. I call it a onesie. If I wasn’t going to wear this outfit, I would be wearing Saran Wrap. But I know how ESPN wants things PG-13. I’m an impulse guy when I wake up. Who knows where it takes me. I looked up onesie, skin-tight and tux. You add my cougar cane and my bracelets and I’m really hoping for positive results.”

Oh yeah I totally forgot to mention the cougar cane and bracelets Brian. Well played sir!