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Matt Nordgren is one of the stars of Bravo’s new reality series Most Eligible Dallas, and he definitely fits the bill. Submitted for your consideration:

Exhibit A: He played quarterback for the University of Texas football team.
Exhibit B: He is heir to the family business, Nordco Inc.
Exhibit C: He founded a charity (The Leadership Foundation and Gala).
Exhibit D: (As if you needed “D”) He’s a 6’5″, blue-eyed hottie.

This guy has some serious Texas credentials. Executive in an energy company? Founder of a charity (and gala!)? Quarterback for the University of Texas? Are you kidding me? But, you ask, what is he up to these days? Well, let me tell you.

According the the bio on Bravo’s Most Eligible Dallas website,

When it comes to the ladies, Matt definitely plays the field, but isn’t a player. He works hard to always be honest and up-front with his intentions. Though often seen with a different girl on his arm, Matt is intrigued by the possibilities of an old fling, Neill Sklyer, who moves back to the city. His best friend, Courtney Kerr, calls herself Matt’s “gatekeeper” and definitely voices her disapproval of the women Matt surrounds himself with. Their relationship is very close, calling into questions if there is more than meets the eye; but both Matt and Courtney deny it, claiming that they are “just friends.”

And, thus,it looks like we already have a Most Eligible Dallas plotline! Neill Skylar, it seems, will be the new girl in town; the destablizing unknown introduced into this tight-knit crowd of young, beautiful Dallas A-listers. Courtney Kerr is the best friend who says she doesn’t want to date Matt, but also doesn’t think anyone else is good enough for him. And, then there’s Matt, with all his 6’5″ atheletic, well-dressed, moneyed charm sitting wide-eyed between them (and winking at the camera). This could be interesting, or at least entertaining.

Most Eligible Dallas cast, Bravo, Matt Nordgren, Neill Skylar, Courtney Kerr

Matt’s day job is no joke. The family business, Nordco Inc. is a pretty interesting company, and Matt seems to be in a position of real responsibility. I’ll admit to not having any idea what an energy company did before reading up on Nordco Inc.; but, it appears they do energy audits for big buildings (especially focused on electric lighting) and then retrofit the spaces with greener, cheaper, more energy efficient fixtures. Pretty cool stuff. Besides the energy side of the business, Matt branched Nordco out into consulting and motivational speaking.

Most Eligible Dallas Matt Nordgren playing quarterback for the Texas Longhorns

If Matt’s name seems familiar to you, it might be because of his College football career at the University of Texas. He backed up Vince Young and played just ahead of Colt McCoy. Whew, that’s tough company. Redshirted in 2001, Matt played for the Longhorns from 2002-2005, including all 13 games of his Senior season in 2005 (9 at Quarterback, and all 13 has Holder.) In 2005, he completed 6-of-11 passes for 47 yards with one INT and rushed 12 times for 38 yards and one TD. The TD isn’t pretty, but it is in the record books . . . and on video! Here’s some fantastic youtube footage of Matt’s touchdown, I mean fumble, I mean touchdown from a game against Baylor in 2005.

Matt’s Dad, George Nordgren played professional ball for the New Orleans Saints and Dallas Cowboys. He made it into the game Trivial Pursuit, as the answer to the question: “Who scored the first touchdown in the Astrodome.” Matt followed in his dad’s footsteps and was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles, but a throwing arm injury cut his NFL career off before it even started.

Life didn’t end with his NFL career, though. Not only his he a successful businessman and philanthropist, Matt is a man about town who has found himself in the paparazzi’s sights more than once in the last few years. His taste for women seems to run in the direction of reality tv stars. Here he is with Audrina Patridge, whom he was dating in early 2010

Matt Nordgren, Audrina Patridge, Most Eligible Dallas, The Hills

And here he is a little later in 2010 with his then squeeze, The Bachelor winner, Vienna Girardi!

The Bachelor's Vienna Girardi with Matt Nordgren of Most Eligible Dallas
(Photo: KOKOPIX/

Matt won’t need to ride any other reality tv star’s coat tails into the limelight any longer, though. When Most Eligible Dallas premiers in August, the paparazzi will be looking for who is on his arm, and not the other way around. Will it be new girl in town, Neill Skylar, best friend, Courtney Kerr, or a player to be named later? Guess we’ll have to tune in to find out.

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