PHOTO Justin Bieber calls himself “fat” on Instagram, inspires legions of haters

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Justin Bieber may have, without even trying to do it, hit on the exact reason why people love to hate him. J–Bieb–Style posted the above picture of himself to Instagram yesterday, with the caption “Great birthday–and I’m not fat it’s the angle.” BB-Pants was doubtless trying to head off any fat-based comments at the pass, but his lack of self-awareness set the Instagramming world ablaze with Bieber insults (which some then took to calling “Bieb-sults”). User responded, “You are fat. It’s not the angle. Retard.” Noted ‘grammer mundoda_rippi simply responded with “OBESO,” the Portuguese word for “obese.” And thvt_foreign put Bieber directly in her sights when she told him “Happy bday lil canadian.”

Bieber’s timing was deliciously off, too: We’re all only a few weeks removed from making fun of the diminutive former pop star for his clearly Photoshopped Calvin Klein underwear ads.


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The B-Ster recently celebrated his 21st birthday, meaning he no longer has to hide his bottles and cans. Indeed, this March promises to be a grand one for both fans and loathers of Justin Bieber: he rang March in with a birthday bash, and he’ll end it with what promises to be one of the hardest-hitting Comedy Central roasts of all time. The most recent promo has Bieber getting a huge target tattooed on his back; it’s fair to say anticipation is high. The Roast airs March 30th at 10 PM EST. Will you be tuning in?


(Photo credits: Bieber on Instagram)

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