PHOTO Jill Zarin in corset outfit and Madonna ponytail on Watch What Happens Live’s 100th episode


RHONY Jill Zarin in a corset and Madonna ponytail on Watch What Happens Live

Jill Zarin showed up for the 100th Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen episode with a strikingly different style. The “queen bee” was sporting a sexy black-and-white corset (probably wearing underneath her new shapewear Skweez Couture) and a tight, high, and long ponytail a la Madonna!

She also had Ginger with her dressed in a kimono sent to her by a fan. (Jill says this was “in honor” of the Japanese disasters?)

Ramona Singer is also in the clubhouse wearing a sleek black dress (and crimped hair! holla 1988!), and the girls invetiably went at each others throats about who was “the meanest.” Andy didn’t help (or did he help?) but having the poll question ask the audience if they are on Team Jill or Team Ramona. (Ramona won 78% – 22%)


Andy Cohen tweeted this image from The Clubhouse last night with the caption, “OMG @JillZarin is totally working a Madonna “Express Yourself” look!!!” (I’ve added a rotated version at the top of the post as well)

UPDATE #2 – Jill told Life & Style that she jacked her look “was inspired by” Jennifer Lopez! She even called J. Lo’s stylist to get tips on her look.

Andy Cohen's photo: OMG @JillZarin is totally working a Madonna
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