Kelly Bensimon did not have a nervous breakdown but a nervous ‘breakthrough’

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Kelly Bensimon is on a little spin control campaign after her volatile meltdown on the Real Housewives of New York City last week in which she looked like she was totally losing her marbles while rambling on about Bethenny trying to kill her.  (You can read all about the wacky episode and see some great clips here.)  After the internet got on board the “Kelly is crazy” train, the former model decided she had better try to explain herself.

In an exclusive interview that will appear in next week’s People Magazine, Kelly has quite a bit to say about what transpired and her reasons for going to all the strange places she went (Al Sharpton anyone?).   Here are some excerpts:

“It was a nervous breakthrough. I learned don’t do it. Don’t be around people who don’t like you. I will never engage them like that ever again. I learned my lesson, as should everyone. It was four people against one. I go on this trip, I’m trying to be open. I have no expectations. I’m trying to be nice to these women who clearly don’t like me. But the minute I got on the trip, they went after me. It was constant. It’s an awkward position. Normally you’d be like, ‘I’m not dealing with this… I’m leaving. But this is not a situation where you can leave. You have to stay and you have to police them otherwise then you’re not a part of what’s going on and then they go off. This is me being a Housewife on a television show. This is not me in my real life.”

It sounds like Kelly is blaming her Bensimeltdown on the fact that she was trapped on the boat with Housewives Ramona Singer, Alex McCord, Sonja Morgan and Bethenny Frankel.  Bensimon says there was a “systematic bullying” of her by the other ladies and it caused her to snap. 

To better understand how the scenario looked to Kelly, you can check out our “graphic artist’s rendition” of her perspective – soon to be a major motion picture! In case that’s not enough, here is a little video reminder of what a “nervous breakthrough” looks like:

Kelly’s putting up a good fight against the public perception that she is at best a little slow to grasp things and at worst completely loony, but I’m afraid the public perception is going to win out on this one. That chick be crazy yo! And a word of advice to Bethenny, Ramona and Alex that I received from a college buddy of mine waaaay back in the day, “You don’t mess with crazy.” It may seem funny to egg her on, but you just can’t predict how crazy will respond.

One thing you can do with crazy? Watch it each and every Thursday night on Bravo at 10/9c!

Photo: Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images
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