PHOTO Is this a real picture of Justin Bieber smoking a joint with Ariana Grande?

Justin Bieber Weed

A photo making the rounds on the Internet today seems to show Justin Bieber holding a grande joint while sitting next to a woman who looks vaguely like Ariana Grande.

Representatives for both singers are rushing to do damage control. Justin’s assistants say the picture is Photoshopped. (TMZ‘s Photoshop experts say the photo looks genuine.) Meanwhile, Ariana’s assistants say the woman isn’t her.

This isn’t the first time Justin’s been (seemingly) caught in incriminating pictures: Last January, there were multiple, clear pictures of Justin lighting up at a party.

Justin Bieber Ariana Grande

In the latest incident, Ariana seems to have more to lose. As an up-and-coming pop star with a squeaky clean Nickelodeon reputation, pictures of her partying with the Biebs would certainly do more harm than good — although she didn’t mind getting linked to Justin in the past: She tweeted the middle picture in August with the caption “you’re crazy and nonna says thank you, she loves you.”

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