PHOTO Fashion WTF? Michelle Hunziker on ‘Wetten Dass..?’ in Teletubby landscape boots

Michelle Hunziker was recently on the popular German television show Wetten Dass..? sporting some teletubberrific landscape footwear! What could that possibly mean? Just scroll down!

(If you’re doing it right it should go in this order: perty, perty, perty, perty, WTF?!?!)

Michelle Hunziker in Teletubby landscape boots on Wetten Dass..?

And just in case you wanted more footwear WTF, here’s a clip from the same episode with the lovely Michelle sans bootscapes with a man that…eh, just watch the video:

For those of you like me that have no idea what is going on, Wetten Dass..? means “Wanna Bet?” and it’s the number one show in Europe. It features folks betting they can do crazy stuff like assembling a V8 engine from parts and make it run within 9 minutes, a nine-year-old boy from Vienna computing the shortest bus and railcar routes throughout the city from memory, and a blindfolded farmer recognizing his cows by the sound they made while chewing apples. (From Wikipedia) I’m sure it will be debuting in the USA on FOX sometime in the next year.

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