The Walking Dead’s Maggie (Lauren Cohan) cleans up, poses for Maxim photos

I don’t know if you could script a more perfect fanboy goddess than a gorgeous farmer’s daughter with an attraction to nice guys who also happens to be damn good at smashing zombie skulls. That’s exactly what you get in The Walking Dead‘s Maggie Greene, played by actress Lauren Cohan.

But, for those fanboys curious what Maggie might look like in a non-zombie-apocalyptic world where she was able to leave her small Georgia farmhouse to pursue her dream of becoming a model in the big city (much to the chagrin of poppa Hershel, I’m sure), then look no further than the new issue of Maxim magazine, which includes an interview with Lauren Cohan as well as some walking drop dead gorgeous photos of Maggie all cleaned up and rockin’ her unmentionables!

Here are a couple before-and-after photos of Lauren as Maggie and as herself in Maxim:

The Walking Dead Maggie actress Lauren Cohan  Maxim side-by-side photos

I’m not saying I’d prefer a world overrun by zombies or anything, but if forced to choose, I’m going with Maggie over Lauren.

To see lots more of Lauren Cohan hop over to or pick up the new issue of Maxim‘s October issue for the pics plus the full interview!

Top two photos: Maxim

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