Ryan Jenkins suicide note found on computer, blames Jasmine Fiore

The ever-diligent folks over at TMZ have learned from the Buena Park Police Department that something similar to a “suicide note” was found on the computer owned by Ryan Jenkins and left in the Calgary hotel room in which he hanged himself.

Police tell TMZ that the document is titled “Last Will and Testament” and is a page-and-a-half long. The letter, written three days before Jenkins’ body was found in the hotel room on August 23rd, reportedly doesn’t contain a confession in the murder of his wife Jasmine Fiore, but it does have apologies to his friends and family for causing them pain.

TMZ concludes with this statement: “Cops say in the letter, Jenkins blames Jasmine for the situation he was in — professing both his love and disdain for her.”

The seemingly clear-cut case has gotten a little more complicated as more facts emerged about Jasmine Fiore’s activities prior to the night she was murdered, including meeting up with her ex-husband Michael Cardosi, who had just been released from prison. TMZ has photos of Fiore and Cardosi kissing in Southern California just four days before she was brutally murdered and her dismembered body was put in a suitcase and left in a dumpster. Ryan Jenkins’ father Dan Jenkins doesn’t believe his son was responsible or capable of committing such a heinous crime and has hired a California private detective to look into it further.