‘Black Swan’ director Darren Aronofsky daring fashion at the 2011 Independent Film Awards

Mens’ award show fashion is never varied or interesting, so Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky’s gray Piaget Truman Capote number with bare chest and prominent scarf stood out tonight at the 2011 Independent Spirit Awards.

Aronofsky picked up the Best Director award tonight for his artsyish film staring Natalie Portmas as an emaciated and psychologically disturbed ballerina. Black Swan actuallyswept the awards, and also took home Best Actress, Best Cinamatography, and Best Feature (The Social Network was disqualified because of budget, and the Awards darling The King’s Speech was in the foreign category.)

What a better way to celebrate such a night than to be dressed like you just came from a brisk 1930’s night of high balls and dancing on a yacht? The whole ensemble is killer, but the ‘stache really makes the outfit.

Here’s an interview with Darren tonight where he talks about how his sister’s ballet dancing helped inspire the film, and how one of the dancers gave him a peculiar souvenir:

Photo: Wenn.com