PHOTO Christina Aguilera out without lipstick

Christina GAuilera out in Ne York without lipstick

Until I saw the above photo I was unaware that Christina Aguilera’s voice wasn’t her only patented attribute.  I am so accustomed to seeing diva-X’s countenance accentuated with hot red lipstick and volumes of makeup that I wasn’t prepared for the fact that underneath her prepped look were natural lips and a face somewhere!

All signs show that the beautiful singer has rebounded nicely since her divorce from baby-daddy Jordan Bratman with the octave buster keeping a steady man for quite some time in the form of one Matt Rutler.  The two have been spotted out frequently including a recent appearance that featured Christina unintentionally launching a new fashion trend, The Badonkstache.

Her TV role as a coach on The Voice so far has been a major success and except for that whole “Superbowl National Anthem flub” things have been great for the “Dirrty” singer.

Perhaps all of this has given our girl a new found confidence, one that allowed her to step out to Darby night club in the NYC over the weekend sporting a revealing and dare I say wholesome new look?  I’m kind of a “natural woman” type of guy so I thought her fresh face was a great look but I’m not sure if I can say the same for the layered, crimped-in-the-rear hair do.

Here’s a side-by-side of Aguilera from a recent January promotional appearance and the weekend’s new face revealing look (you can click on the image for a full page view):

Side-by-side of Christina Aguilera with and without lipstick
^Andres Otero -> / Jackson Lee -> Splash News

What do you think of Christina’s fresh faced look?  I am squarely in favor and hey there wouldn’t be any lipstick on my collar if we…. Ironically, in her most recent tweet she stated that she was, “At my W Magazine photo shoot.  Can’t wait for you to see the pics.” She then posted a photo of her prep area that included a wide variety of makeup and makeup accessories.

Top Photo: Jackson Lee -> Splash News