PHOTO Bob Barker meets neutered friend with a sign

Bob Barker poses with a neutered dog who brought a sign

And Justin Bieber is complaining about his problems with the paparazzi and fans in Israel.

Bob Barker has been on a life long crusade to keep dogs and cats from mating by having us responsible humans rob them of their privates.  I understand the importance of the topic it’s just always rubbed me wrong that he was so obsessed with such a particularly barbaric part of human life.

Well one of the pups who got altered because of Bob’s endless persuasion was on hand to greet the legendary host of The Price Is Right as he landed in Toronto to convince the Canadian city to close the elephant exhibit at the zoo.  The dog, Hank, was effective with his sign though I doubt it would help much if he were panhandling the streets with it.

Kudos to Hank’s owner for extinguishing Hank’s hopes of ever having puppies, for assisting with the sign, and most disturbingly to hold Hank in such a way that the photo proves that his sign’s claim is true.

Photo: Todd G / John K/ Splash New

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