New dad Alec Baldwin pins a paparazzo to a car


New dad Alec Baldwin got into another altercation with a paparazzo Tuesday, with both sides admitting to pushing each other, and neither claiming fault.

Other paparazzi on the scene were able to get some photographs of Alec pinning the photographer to a car. The paparazzo, who still has not been identified, claims he was just doing his job when Alec flipped on him. “All I can say is I was doing my job asking him normal questions and he flipped,” he told TMZ. “That’s all.”

Another source claims that it was the paparazzo who instigated the altercation. “The photographer was the aggressor,” the source told ABC News. “He even chased Alec’s wife [Hilaria] into a store after the incident.”

Neither party wanted to press charges about the incident, which is one of several Alec has had with photographers over the past year or so. This February a New York Post photographer said Alec lashed out at him by hurling insults when he approached him for questions, and in June 2012 a New York Daily News photographer claims Alec punched him. Click here to see some photographic evidence of that claim.

Friday 55-year-old Alec welcomed new daughter Carmen Gabriela into the world with 29-year-old wife Hilaria This is Hilaria’s first child, and Alec’s second. Ireland, the actor’s 17-year-old daughter with ex-wife Kim Basinger, wrote a touching letter to her new sister.

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