VIDEO Patti Stanger and boyfriend David Krausse on GMA, address engagement rumors

Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger and boyfriend David Krausse

Patti Stanger and boyfriend David Krausse are in a monogamous relationship, but as far as an upcoming wedding, they aren’t quite there. During their appearance on Good Morning America this morning, the Millionaire Matchmaker addressed the latest rumors that they are engaged and David talks about what it was like finding out that the woman he’d been dating is the “Millionaire Matchmaker.”

“We’re not engaged yet,” Patti revealed to host Lara Spencer. “But maybe watch the finale and you’ll see something.” Fans just recently met Patti’s new love on the show and on last night’s episode David was seen presenting Patti with a gorgeous pair of emerald earrings — and that’s not the only jewelry he’s given to her.

“I have a promise ring,” Patti said. “We moved in pretty soon, so that’s the reason why.”

David was unaware that Patti was the “Millionaire Matchmaker” when they first started dating, but got clued in after their second date. “That was just so crazy because I’ve never experienced anything like it before in my life,” David explains of their date to the Getty Museum, during which people were asking Patti to take a picture with her. “What is going on here? This is the oddest thing,” he was thinking at the time. “But I didn’t ask any questions, because I figured she’d let me know when she was ready. And that night I raced home and Googled [her].”

And speaking of racing, I’m sure that’s what David’s heart was doing as he was Googling ogling his gal while taking this sexy photo:

Patti Stanger sexy photo

Patti Stanger? More like Patti Danger! David tweeted the photo Tuesday along with the words, “Check out this hot pic I recently took of my girl @pattistanger”

Patti has made it no secret that she’s no good at finding love for herself, even though she’s so good at helping others. In fact, she claims that with David, she didn’t even follow her own club rules. “I pretty much went down the list of all the no-nos and they really are no-nos,” she explained. “I probably would kick myself out of the club.”

Patti was previously engaged to Andy Friedman but split in 2010 over one of her “non-negotiables” — he didn’t want children.

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